Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags for Samsung VC SeriesVacuum Cleaner Dust Bags for Samsung VC Series

Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags for Samsung VC Series

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Product Description

The product contains 10 replaceable vacuum cleaner dust bags fully compatible with the following Samsung models:

VC 5914, V 5915, VC 6714, H 6715, VC 8800, VC 8903 E, VC5900, VC5901, VC 6012, VC 6014, VC 6800, VC 6813,  VC 8928, VC 8928 E, VC5902, VC5903, VC 6100, VC 6123 STE,  VC 6814, VC 6815, VC 8932 E, VC 8932 ET,   VC5904, VC5905, VC 6200, VC 6211, VC 6815, VC 7000, VC 900 E, VC4012,  VC5906, VC5907, VC 6211 S, VC 6213, VC 7100, VC 7113, VC 5000, VC5908, VC5909,  VC 6213 S, VC 6213 SE, VC 7415, VC 7415,  VC5910, VC5911, VC 6213 ST, VC 6215,  VC 7500, VC 5803, VC5804,  VC5912, VC5913, VC 6300, VC 6311, VC5806, VC5811, VC5914, VC5915, VC 6313, VC 7714, VC 7716, VC5813, VC5814, VC5916, VC5917, VC 664, VC 7716, VA 7725, VC5815, VC5825, VC5918, VC 5919, VC 6413, VC 6700, VC 7726, VC 7727, VC5851, VC5853, VC5920, VC5921, VC 6713, VC 6713, H 6714,  VC 8614, VC 8614, V 8615 E, VC5854, VC5872, VC5899, VC5922, VC5923, VC5924

VC5926, VC5927, VC5928, VC5929, VC5930, VC5931, VC5932, VC5933, VC5934, VC5935, VC5936, VC5937, VC5938, VC5939, VC5940, VC5941, VC5942, VC59, VC59, VC594, VC5946, VC5947, VC5948, VC5949,
VC5951, VC5976, VC6200, VC5952, VC5977, VC6201, VC5953, VC5978, VC6202, VC5954, VC5979, VC6208, VC5955, VC5980, VC6209, VC5956, VC5981, VC6210, VC5957, VC5982, VC6211, VC5958, VC5983 M, VC6212, VC5959, VC5984, VC6213, VC5960, VC5961, VC5962, VC6216, VC5963, VC6217, VC5989, VC6218, VC5990, VC6219, VC5991, VC6220, VC 967, VC5992, VC6221, VC5968, VC5993, VC6222, VC5969, VC5994, VC6223, VC5970, VC5995, VC6224, VC5971, VC5996, VC6225, VC5972, VC5997, VC6226, VC5973, VC5998, VC6227, VC5974, VC5999, VC6228

VC6229, VC6254, VC6279, VC6404, VC6230, VC6255, VC6280, VC6406, VC6231, VC6256, VC6281, VC6407, VC6232, VC6257, VC6282, VC6408, VC6233, VC6258, VC6283, VC6409, VC6234, VC6259, VC6284, VC6411, VC6235, VC6260, VC6285, VC6412, VC6236, VC6261, VC6286, VC6413, VC6237, VC6262, VC6287, VC6414, VC6238, VC6263, VC6417, VC6239, VC6264, VC6418, VC6240, VC6265, VC6419, VC6241, VC6266, VC 6291, VC6421, VC6242, VC6292, VC6422, VC6243 Q, VC6293, VC6423, VC6244Mo, VC6294, VC6424, VC6245 270, VC6295, VC6426, VC620, VC6271, VC6296, VC6427, VC62, VC6272, VC6297, VC6428, VC624, VC6273, VC6298, VC6429, VC6249, VC6274, VC6299, VC6430, VC6250, VC6275, VC6400, VC6431, VC6251, VC6276, VC6401, VC6432, VC6252, VC6277, VC6402, VC6433, VC6253, VC6278, VC6403, VC6434

Samsung dust bags

About Samsung Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s be fair! When it comes to electronics, Samsung is one of the initial names that pop up in our heads. Among several different electrical appliances, this multinational conglomerate from South Korea is known for its immaculate line of vacuums. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an upright vacuum cleaner, or a wet/dry vacuum, Samsung offers the best of all types.

Its vacuums are equipped with elite and most contemporary technologies. Some vacuums are specially designed to cater to the stubborn pet hair that remains stuck in your carpet. Such vacuums contain a Motion Sync feature that divides the force evenly into the brush so pet hair gets sucked up far easily. Similarly, some vacuum cleaners by Samsung are equipped with two separate chambers.

This twin chamber system allows you to make the most of the power while offering a far better cleaning. Vacuum cleaners by Samsung are also very good for people who have trouble breathing. These vacuums not only clean surfaces but also ensure a safer, dust and allergen-free air to breathe. The elite set of performance-enhancing technologies is assisted by the eye-catching designs of these vacuums. In others words, Samsung offers the best of both worlds—performance and aesthetics.





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