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simplicity vacuum

When talking about vacuum cleaners, these are generally devices that are used to put dirt into a cloth and paper bags that are normally discarded by the user when they get full. There are usually two types of vacuum cleaners; bagged vacuums and bagless vacuums. Additionally, bagged vacuums are normally more popular with distinctive advantage than the bagless vacuums. One of the most common types of vacuum cleaners is the simplicity vacuum cleaner. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at a review of the simplicity vacuum bags.
Pros of simplicity vacuum cleaners
a) Relatively cheaper bag replacement cost
One of the strongest argument about simplicity vacuum bag cleaners is the cost that is incurred in occasionally replacing them. However, the bags cost few dollars and cents which most people can afford. The replacement of the bags is normally done in every month and therefore, monthly expenses should never be a major concern for most of the people. In a nutshell, the prices of the bags are affordable by a majority of the people.
b) Maintains high standards of cleanliness
This is actually one of the greatest advantages of the simplicity vacuum cleaner. You can never see the dirt that it collects. The device ensures high standards of cleanliness within and around its place of work. What you are only supposed to do is to monitor the level of dirt in the simplicity vacuum bag and when full remove it and toss it into the trash. Importantly, some simplicity vacuum bags actually seal themselves shut as you remove them from the cleaner.
c) Ensures effective filtration The simplicity vacuum cleaners normally use their bags as the overall filtration system. Anyone who uses the cleaner is assured a cleaner filter whenever a change of the bag is done. The vacuum cleaners have come with HEPA filters that are very significant in removing allergens from the air. Additionally, simplicity vacuum cleaners have replaceable exhaust filters and importantly washable prefilters.
d) Ease to use
Simplicity vacuum cleaners do not need to be emptied often as many people may think. However, you always need to have the bags in the store of you. A full bag can actually have the end of all your house chores before you realize that you have run out of them. Simplicity vacuum bags and cleaners are usually easy to obtain and use at all times.
Cons of simplicity vacuum cleaners
i. Smaller simplicity vacuum bags
The bags that are usually fitted to the cleaner are relatively smaller. They normally get full quickly, therefore, requiring frequent replacement.
ii. They lack settings for hard surfaces
The equipment lacks a very important setting that helps in cleaning hard surfaces. However, it generally good for any homestead cleaning.
iii. If you use the gadget for the first time, it may seem cumbersome to use than other types of cleaners such as the upright vacuums.
iv. The attachment hoses of the simplicity vacuum cleaner are normally very short and flimsy depending on the person who is using it.

Parts of a vacuum cleaner
I. Hoses
A very important part when it comes to a simplicity vacuum cleaner. The central vacuum protective hose sock cover greatly saves your furniture and wall. Some of the features of the hose and its cover in the simplicity vacuum cleaner include
 Washable, durable and long-lasting
 Anti-static material that ultra-stretch
 Extends hose life and importantly stops tangles
II. Air-driven turbo powerheads
A very significant part when it comes to any vacuum cleaner. The work by actually harnessing the suction power of your central vacuum. The air-driven turbo powerheads are normally easy to operate and maneuver and therefore providing a deep clean surface without necessarily using a brush that is motorized.
III. Wands
They usually come in a variety. There are those with buttons and others without. Wands are usually held when the vacuum cleaner is doing the cleaning. A good wand should have some friction when using it. Some of the common types of wands for vacuum cleaners include central vacuum plastic wand, central vacuum friction-fit telescopic metal wand, central vacuum button lock telescopic chrome wand with cord management and the central vacuum friction-fit bottom telescopic chrome wand.
IV. Bags.
One major consideration when getting yourself a vacuum cleaner is getting the right vacuum bag for your central vacuum system. A good bag should fit your system and important works to the expected standards. A bag is a place where dirt is put by the device after it has been sucked. For proper performance of your device, the simplicity bags should be changed after every three to four months.
V. Muffler and exhausted
They are used to provide a vent for the simplicity central vacuum systems. There is a variety of them and some of the most popular types of mufflers and exhausts include Activac II Exhaust HEPA filter, deluxe muffler exhaust vent, and centra central vacuum microfiltration exhaust bag.
Vacuum cleaner bags
During cleaning, bagged vacuum cleaners normally store debris and dirt locally in the bag. When buying bagged vacuum cleaners, original bags normally accompany the device but with time you have to buy new ones. Furthermore, there are very crucial considerations to put in place when getting you vacuum some bags. The first question that you have to ask yourself is if the bags are genuine or generic.On that note, let’s look at some very significant elements that concern vacuum cleaner bags.
Reusable or disposable vacuum cleaner bags
When filled with dirt, disposable vacuum bags are usually thrown away and replaced with new ones. On the other hand, reusable bags are those that after they are filled with dirt, they are emptied, cleaned and returned to the vacuum. Normally, reusable bags are made of good quality and can sometimes be relatively expensive than the disposable bags. Emptying of the reusable bags is usually the messy job that most people do not like. As if not enough, disposable bags can sometimes be costly especially if you have a big area to be cleaned. This is all because they have to be thrown away with dirt when they are filled.
Vacuum bags filtration level
When talking about filters in the vacuum cleaners, a good number of vacuums have a number of filters with the vacuum bag being the first and most significant one. A good bagged vacuum should have about two to three filters. the first filter ought to be the dirtbag, followed by the mechanical filter that is normally found in front of the motor and then the HEPA grade filter.
Most disposable bags are mostly known to have a filtration level of about 99.7%. some of the elements that are filtered include pollen, bacteria, human hair and pet, dust mites and sand.
The best Vacuum Cleaner bags
Geric vs Genuine vacuum cleaner bags

Getting a vacuum cleaner bag can sometimes be very tedious against what most people believe. When getting your vacuum a bag you should greatly consider if it’s a generic or a genuine vacuum sealer bag. Generic bags are normally cheaper and fit like the genuine bags but their filtration level is very low as compared to the other option. Due to the fact that they have a very low filtration level, they have to be cleaned and replaced often. This can actually be cumbersome and costly to the owner.
Genuine vacuum bags are normally the best when it comes to the subject. They ensure high performance and importantly they are of high quality. Their filtration level is also very high therefore ensuring high standards of cleanliness. However, they are costly as compared to the generic type. In a nutshell, genuine vacuum cleaner bags are the best option for your device.
The best bagless simplicity vacuum
1) Euro-pro-Shark Navigator Lift away bagless vacuum
A very easy to use and maneuver vacuum cleaner. Costs relatively higher compared to other brands. Can be used to do the cleaning in places such as small houses, apartments and even in cabins. The shark upright vacuum ensures that your carpet and surrounding is always clean.
2) Bissell clean view bagless vacuum
Once again a very easy to use a vacuum cleaner with a very good history. Come in a number of amazing colors and importantly highly durable. If you really care about your carpet and hardwood floor, the Bissell clean view vacuum is the gadget for you.
3) Shark –navigator upright vacuum A five star rated vacuum that is lightweight, easy to maneuver and use and importantly has a good suction. A Great product with an affordable and acceptable price. The device will keep your carpet clean and importantly maintain bare-looking floors.

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