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A dust-free home is one of the best places that you can spend your time. You don’t have to worry about allergies or just the discomfort that comes about when you know see dirt. In fact, that’s why vacuum cleaners became an immediate hit when they were first introduced. They have made cleaning our floors, carpets, rugs, and even seats much easy than it was without them. Whether you are young or old, as long you can stand on your two feet, you can use a vacuum cleaner. In this nilfisk vacuum cleaner and nilfisk gs80 bags review, we are going to look at some of the features that make nilfisk vacuum cleaner and bags one of the best you can have.

nilfisk vacuum cleaner

Features of the nilfisk gs80 vacuum
The nilfisk vacuum is versatile and therefore durable. Vacuuming sometimes needs you to move stuff around, pull the vacuum hose or just vacuum in a jerky motion. The result is that if the vacuum you are using isn’t versatile, it may breakdown after a just a few times. With the nilfisk vacuum, you will never have to worry about it breaking down because of rough handling.

Built for Residential Use
Many appliances that offer convenience were built for home use as a second thought. It’s for that reason that you will serve most appliances is nightmare for those who are not techno savvy. Furthermore, most vacuum cleaners are extremely noisy because they are designed for use where noise is not considered a big issue.

The nilfisk vacuum is operated at home and its noise level is within the safe limit. Furthermore, you will not need to use ear muffles when using it. Most people who bought nilfisk vacuums as far back as 1980s still have them. That’s over three generations, and still they are functional as they were when new. All that they do is change the nilfisk gs80 bags on a regular basis.

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) Filter
One of the reasons that vacuuming is recommend to be done on a regular basis is to get rid of dust. A dust-free environment means that you home is kept free of dustmites and your family doesn’t get to suffer from allergies. However, vacuuming with a device that does not use HEPA filters means you could simply be recycling the dust in and out of the vacuum cleaner. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that when using the nilfisk vacuum cleaner.

The nilfisk gs80 bags have been tested and approved as HEPA filters for use at home without the risk of filling the air with harmful dust. Overall, that means you can use these filters even with young children around. Although we recommend you only vacuum when the young ones aren’t close by to protect them from the noise made by the vacuum cleaner.

Nilfisk  Vacuum Bags

Ultra-low Particulate Air (ULPA) Filter
The ULPA filter is designed to get rid of particles that are smaller than an average dust particle such as dustmites. They are helpful when vacuuming rugs and seats where it’s common to find smaller particles that you cannot see with your naked eye. These smaller particles are the main cause of allergies at home and its best to make sure that when you vacuum, the filters used can trap the particles and prevent them from getting into the air.

Nilfisk  HEPA Filter

What happens in most cases is that when you vacuum without the ULPA filter, the micro-particles get sucked into the vacuum, then pass through the regular HEPA filters, and end up being blown into the air. they float in the turbulent air as you vacuum, and get inhaled by those who are present. As you can imagine, the health effects of inhaling these particles include allergies and at times cancer. The good news is that when using the nilfisk gs80 ULPA filters bags that work with nilfisk vacuums, you don’t have to worry about that.

Large capacity
The nilfisk vacuum has a large capacity; enough for you to vacuum an average home without need to empty the filters in one go. That’s because the nilfisk vacuum is designed with a strong working ethic in mind. You can plan your cleaning schedules and stick to them. Furthermore, the big capacity is combined with a powerful suction and airflow. This design ensures that every swoop you make, the suction system gets every dust particle and allergen in its path. It therefore allows you to work efficiently and fast.


They have a powerful suction
You can change the filters at home
They have a high capacity
None of the dust sucked gets past the its filtration
They are designed for use at home


This is a dry vacuum cleaner not a wet vacuum cleaner

Why Choose The Nilfisk Vacuum Bags?

High Filtration
The nilfisk vacuum bags are high filtration bags that ensure that when you vacuum your home, your don’t recycle any dust or allergens. These bags are HEPA and ULPA certified. If you sense that there is dust in the air when you vacuum, you should try the nilfisk vacuum bags and enjoy a dust-free vacuuming experience.

They Different Models
The nilfisk vacuum bags fit the GS80, GA70, GS90, GM90, GM80, GS84, GD80, and GD90C nilfisk models. The good thing about that is you don’t have to worry about the nilfisk gs80 bags not fitting a second model that you may have. Simply buy one pack of nilfisk gs80 bags that come contains 5 individual bags and you are will be able to experience a hygienic vacuuming experience.

The bags are easy to change.
These bags use HEPA and ULPA technology
The bags are environment friendly
They can withstand high suction rates
A pack contains five of bags


You cannot repair used bags.
They aren’t meant for vacuuming wet surfaces.

The nilfisk vacuum c;leaner enables you to enjoy vacuuming your home, and lower the chances of your family getting allergic reactions from allergens suspended in the air after vacuuming. Furthermore, all the nilfisk vacuum bags are environment friendly because they are biologically degradable. Finally, the high capacity nilfisk vacuum cleaner is designed for use at home and is one of the most durable vacuums you can buy. If you wondering which vacuum cleaner or vacuum bag or buy, then you should consider the nilfisk vacuum and bags.

We hope that you found this review to be informative, and you will enjoy your next vacuuming experience.

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