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Introduction in the World of Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags

Vacuum cleaners, as we know them today, are among the finest inventions of the previous century. They brought along a level of ease and comfort we never thought was possible. These appliances are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes today.  A category that is quite commonly opted for is of bagged vacuum cleaners. What majorly differentiates them from the rest is that they come with dust bags that can be removed and replaced.

Dust Bags offer a great amount of ease. The flexibility these bags offer in their utility makes perfect sense as to why bagged vacuums are so popular. Similar to the vacuums, dust bags also vary in size. Some containers have a larger holding capacity than others. Furthermore, not all dust bags are the same. In different terms, you cannot replace a dust bag from a handheld vacuum cleaner, with a one designed to cater to an upright vacuum cleaner.

The best part about dust bags is that you are free from the trouble of emptying them over and over again. They are disposable! So once you’re done with the cleaning, simply remove the dust bag and discard it. The extent to which these bags have eased our lives is simply inexplicable.

Importance of Dust Bags and Dust Filters

Dust bags tag along with dust filters to play a key role in the functionality of a vacuum cleaner. It is basically these parts of the vacuum that ensure the cleanliness while throwing back out air that is free of any impurities, or pollutants.

The mechanism of how they operate alongside each other follows the same principle throughout the different vacuums. When the motor starts, the inflow of polluted air goes into the dust bag which traps the debris and other pollutants. The air then moves past the bag and through a filter that traps the remaining impurities in the air. This allows you to breathe cleaner air while enjoying an equally cleaner surface.

The importance of dust bags goes far beyond a cleaner air to breathe in and a neater surface to walk on. Did you know that the air in your home can potentially contain several different types of microbes? That is in addition to the molds as well as the endotoxins that can cause harmful effects to health. The good part is that your vacuum cleaner sucks in such harmful pollutants. On the other hand, it becomes home to an enormous amount of allergens and bacteria trapped within the dust bag.

It is far better to dispose of such bags than to try and clean them, and get exposed to such pollutants while doing so. In other words, since dust bags are disposable, they save you from potential breathing problems and other related diseases.

How Often Should Dust Bags Be Changed?

Among the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to using vacuum cleaners is that they people take dust bags for granted. You need to realize that these bags are as crucial to the appliance as the motor. Most often than not, people complain about their vacuum not offering the sheer performance it used to, just a few days ago.

They either forget or ignore that the dust and debris being collected is stored in a bag. Now, if the bag is of a fairly bigger size, you may get on for a few days before losing pressure in suction. On the other hand, small-sized dust bags obviously fill in quicker, hindering in the utmost performance of the vacuum.

This essentially brings us to an even fairer question. A question that is likely to resolve why your vacuum cleaner has fallen below par on delivery.

‘When are you to replace the dust bag?’

Replacing a dust bag is nothing complex, but its importance cannot be understated. Knowing the right time to replace your vacuum cleaner also plays a crucial role. Some contemporary vacuum cleaners come with an inbuilt marker that shows how much of the dirt bag has been filled. You can simply keep track of it and replace it when needed. Among the best practices is to replace the dust bag right before it is about to reach the full mark.

This keeps the intensity of pressure withheld by the motor to remain balanced. If your vacuum cleaner does not show the level to which the dust bag has been filled, the best move to make is to check every time before and after your cleaning spree.

The Benefits of Changing Dust Bags

The fact that replacing the dust bag on time is beneficial for the vacuum in undoubted! But what exactly are the benefits you get to enjoy by doing so? The following points will shed light on the aspects you get to enjoy by changing dust bags.

A Better Life

Did you know that changing dust filters on time help in adding to the life of your vacuum cleaner? As the bag gets full, the motor needs to put in excessive amounts of pressure for the vacuum to work properly. When you replace a bag before it gets filled to the neck, you indirectly allow the vacuum’s motor to work with ease. This consequently helps the appliance to stay intact and perform exquisitely for longer periods of time.

Improved Cleaning

Replacing the vacuum’s dust bag also allows the motor to keep working in an efficient manner. When the bag is not filled up, the motor offers a greater, more powerful suction which results in far better cleaning—something a filled up dust bag fails to offer.

Avoiding Harmful Bacteria

By discarding the dust bag on time, you ensure that the impurities and the pollutants that have been gathered within the dust bag are discarded along with it. Leaving the bag intact only tends to allow harmful bacteria to remain in the vicinity which is not something you would want, especially if either you or your family suffers from respiratory problems like asthma. In short, replacing the dust bag on time keeps you safe from harmful bacteria.